Pre-Junior Membership Policies

Parent Role

The term “parent” refers to parents and guardians of skaters.

For skaters under 12 years old, a parent must be present in the arena at all times during the skater's session.

Parents and their skaters will follow the Club’s Ice Etiquette Rules or they will be asked to leave the ice rink.

The parent is a member of MFSC with full voting rights from the date of registration until August 31 of the current skating season.


MFSC uses its website,, and email to communicate important information to its parent members. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that the club has the correct email on file and to regularly check the website and email for updates.  Members may update their email subscription preferences at any time by logging in to their profile and updating their preferences under ‘My Account’, ‘My Message Lists’ and clicking the ‘Update’ button.  If a member chooses to opt out of electronic communications from MFSC, they acknowledge that they may not receive any important communications regarding club activities and notices regarding program information.

Members will not be contacted by other means unless there is an emergency.


Minimum qualifications for PreJunior skating level as of September 1, 2016 are given below.




Passed Stage 4 CanSkate or

Evaluated as having sufficient skills to pass Stage 4 CanSkate

Moving Levels

Pre-Junior skaters may move up to Junior A level at beginning of January if they qualify and submit a request for transfer by December 19.  To move up for Spring, they must qualify and submit a request for transfer by March 11 in order to begin the Junior A program on or after March 20.

Payment Policy

Payments for registration and program fees are to be made by credit card only.

The first installment must be paid at the time of registration.  This will include Skate Canada fee, club administration fee, non-resident fee (if applicable) and 25% of program fees.

Installment payments for the balance of the program fees will be charged to the credit card on file on October 15 (25%), December 15 (25%) and February 15 (25%).

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the credit card on our records for installment payments is valid, otherwise a processing fee will be charged.  The credit card information can be updated by the member at any time by logging in to their profile on MFSC’s website.

Payment for other fees such as test day fees can be made by cheque.  Processing fees will be charged for any NSF cheque.

Refund and Credit Policy

Up to five days before sessions commence:  Refund consists of repayment of program fee(s) plus Skate Canada fee and non-resident fees (if applicable) less withdrawal fee. Refunds will be issued onto the credit card used to complete the registration.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Four days before sessions commence up to / including second class:  No refunds.  Credit will be given for prorated session fee(s) and Skate Canada fee and non-resident fees (if applicable) less withdrawal fee.  Prorated session fee(s) will be calculated from the date of the written notice.  Credit is not provided for missed classes or registrations occurring after the session start date.

After second class: Credit will be given only after presentation of medical note.  Credit will be given for prorated session fee(s) less withdrawal fee less Skate Canada fee less non-resident fees (if applicable).  Prorated session fee(s) will be calculated from the date of the written notice.  Credit is not provided for missed classes or registrations occurring after the session start date.

Credits will be posted to the skater's account.  They may be used for any family member residing at the same physical address within one year of the issue date of the credit.

Fee Policy

The fees for the 2017-2018 season are as follows:

Skate Canada Fee


Non-Resident Fee (PreJunior)


Withdrawal Fee


NSF / Declined Payment Processing Fee


Change Session Fee


Additional Badge **


Additional Ribbon **


** Badges and ribbons are provided to the skater upon completion of the achievement.  Consult our CanSkate Guide or Skate Canada’s website for information on achievement levels.


Family discounts are not available.

Prorating of session fees commences on four weeks after the session start date for all StarSkate levels.

Adding / Changing A Session

If you wish to add a session, no change fee will be charged.  Fees for the added session must be paid before the skater can participate in the program.  The session can be added by registering online, and is available only if space permits on that session.

If you wish to change sessions after registration, the difference in program fees plus a session change fee must be paid before the skater can switch sessions.

Requests to change sessions must be emailed to the club registrar at Changing a session will only be allowed if there is space on the session.


Missed lessons

A skater cannot attend a different session on a different day / at a different time to make up for a missed session.

No refunds / credits will be issued for missed lessons.


CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all PreJuniors up to and including CanSkate Level 5.  Skaters attending a club family skate must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet if they do not have CanSkate Level 5 skills.  Skaters not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the ice by a Coach or Board member.

Private Coaching

Private lessons for all sessions, may be arranged by contacting any of the full-time club coaches.  An ad-hoc coach may give a private lesson on a session only if all full-time coaches present on the session have no availability.

Ice Changes

The Club reserves the right to:

  • Change rinks and times of sessions if necessary.
  • Cancel a session due insufficient enrollment.
  • Limit the number of skaters on each session.
  • Cancel skating if the City closes the arena that day.

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