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Skaters enrolled in the PreJunior Program have the opportunity to achieve personal growth and development by participating in a high quality program that enables the skater to continue to work on CanSkate stages 5 & 6 while being introduced to the STARSkate program. This program is a hybrid of Skate Canada’s CanSkate and STARSkate programs which are unique in Canada. Skaters receive one full hour of coaching on the ice by our Certified Skate Canada Professional Coaches as well as a 30- 60 minute fitness class before their session.

PreJunior Skills Description and Standards




At Mississauga Skating Club, our PreJunior development program has been designed to help skaters move smoothly from CanSkate to STARSkate. CanSkate stages 5 & 6 will be taught by a Certified Skate Canada Professional Coach in a group lesson format. PreJunior is a one hour fully-coached program on the ice along with a 30-60 min off-ice fitness class.



PreJunior level skaters will participate in one hour of group instruction conducted by our Club coaches.  Skaters will participate in two 15 min group lessons along with Junior level skaters focusing on skill development. A 30 min lesson is taught following the CanSkate format focusing on stage 5 and 6 skills.



Young skaters should develop the habit of warming up and stretching their muscles before they step on the ice and the class will help ensure better practice by the time they progress to higher levels.  We expect all of our PreJunior skaters to attend the professionally led 30 -60 minute off-ice fitness classes before each PreJunior session. A variety of physical activities will be introduced. Skaters must come dressed appropriately and be prepared for a class of sport specific exercises. They will be given 15 minutes to put on their skates before continuing to the on-ice session.



Assessing is done constantly throughout the season. The achievements that your skater accomplishes during a skating session will be rewarded with badges & ribbons just as in CanSkate.  An evaluation report will be given to your skater periodically throughout the season.  When your skater is ready to move from PreJunior to the Junior program you will be notified by the STARSkate Director.



During the session it is important for a parent or chaperone to stay in the arena. Sometimes skates need to be retied, or other assistance is required. Please make sure that we can find you at the rink during your child’s session.



The Club occasionally sends out emails to remind parents of upcoming events, class cancellations and other news. Please ensure that we have your current email address and that you have allowed for all email communications from the Club when setting up your account in order to receive our important messages.


Please add $44 Skate Canada fee to first registration for each skater which covers Skate Canada membership and insurance from September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023. If your contact address is not in Mississauga, please add the non-resident fee of $60 per skating season for each skater which is submitted directly to the City of Mississauga.

MFSC participates in the Skate Ontario Promotional Contest.  Each skater will receive a booklet of 20 lottery tickets valued at $40.00 that they may sell or keep themselves. The $40.00 will be charged at the time of registration. If the skater sells all of their tickets, the $40.00 is recouped by the skater.  A draw will be held by Skate Ontario in June 2023. These funds help to subsidize ice and program costs.