Ice Etiquette Rules

Member parents and skaters are expected to following MFSC's Ice Etiquette Rules. Please review them as a family to make sure that all members of MFSC can enjoy the skating season.

  1. A parent or guardian shall remain at the rink at all times for skaters under the age of 12.

  2. For safety, parents/guardians are not allowed to stand on the edge of the ice or sit in the hockey boxes. No one, except coaches, may be allowed on the ice without skates on.

  3. Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from coaching or offering instructions to their child(ren) during practices. Skaters and coaches find this distracting. Speak to your child’s coach after the lesson if you have concerns. Spectators, including parents of skaters, may watch quietly from the stands or seating area.

  4. Coaches are in charge at all times on the ice. Failure to follow any of these rules may lead to the skater being asked to leave the ice.

  5. Appropriate skating attire is required for all sessions (no jeans or street clothes, no loose-fitting clothes or low-cut tops). Hair must be pulled back from the face at all times. Hair elastics and/or athletic headbands are acceptable.

  6. No food or gum is allowed on the ice or surrounding area. Skaters may keep water or sports drinks at the boards. NO glass containers.

  7. All skaters must quickly leave the ice at the end of the session.

  8. Skaters and coaches must remove all items (music, sweaters, gloves, tissues, etc.) from the boards and hockey boxes at the end of the session.

  9. Please do not stand and talk on the ice. However, if necessary, please speak by the boards and not in the middle of the rink or in the rink corners. No chasing, following, or pushing of any kind will be tolerated.

  10. All skaters must remain alert to their surroundings. Give right of way as follows:

    1. Skaters should give way to whoever is skating to music.

    2. Skaters who are not in a lesson should give way to skaters in a lesson.

    3. Experienced/older skaters should be thoughtful to less experienced/younger skaters who may not have the experience or skill to always know when/how to get out of the way. Remember, we were all beginners once.

  1. Be aware of other skaters around you. Watch for skaters who may skate in an opposite direction and watch for them when they may be doing their jumps. In general, spins should be practiced between the two blue lines. This allows room at the ends of the rink for jumps and for other skaters to move around the spinning skaters. Be aware of skaters working on footwork, moves and dance patterns and avoid blocking their path.

  2. Program music will be played in the order in which it is requested. Skaters in a lesson will have priority.

  3. When practicing routines, skaters must learn to move around other skaters and still do jumps, spins, and footwork successfully. Please be polite.

  4. All MFSC members are expected to set a good example for new and prospective members and guests of our rink. Please be friendly and welcoming, and kindly help those who may be unfamiliar with our facilities and policies.

  5. Negative or disrespectful comments, foul language, and/or disruptive behaviour (including, but not limited to, yelling, kicking the ice or the boards, banging on the glass) will not be tolerated from anyone, on the ice, off the ice, and/or at competitions and events.

  6. Verbal and/or physical abuse of any skater, parent/guardian, coach, monitor, volunteer, or rink staff member will not be tolerated.

  7. At skating competitions and events, please remember that you are a representative of Mississauga Figure Skating Club, and it is important that your behaviour reflect positively on our club. As a club, we are a team and we must strive to support all of our members. Please be supportive and encouraging to all of our skaters.



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