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Cutting Edge Membership Policies


Parent Role

The term “parent” refers to parents and guardians of skaters.

Parents and their skaters will follow the Club’s MFSC Ice Etiquette Rules or they will be asked to leave the ice rink.

If the parent is new to MFSC for Cutting Edge Summer Skating only, they are an associate member and do not have voting rights.

Other Club memberships are as outlined in our regular StarSkate Policies

Skaters are not permitted on the ice without a coach or MFSC board member present.


MFSC Cutting Edge uses MFSC’s website,, and email to communicate important information to its parent members. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that the club has the correct email on file and to regularly check the website and email for updates.

Members will not be contacted by other means unless there is an emergency.


Minimum qualifications for each skating level as of June 19, 2017 are given below.




Pre-Junior or Junior level skater


Intermediate or Senior level skater


The skater must be a member of Skate Canada in good standing.

If this is the skater’s first time skating with MFSC and they are not currently a member of Skate Canada, the Skate Canada membership fee can be paid at the time of registration with MFSC Cutting Edge.

If the skater is a member in good standing with Skate Canada and has already paid their Skate Canada membership fee through another club the Skate Canada number must be submitted when completing the skater information portion of the online registration.  Otherwise, the fee will automatically be charged and proof of payment with another club can be submitted to for credit to their MFSC account for this fee.

Payment Policy

Payments for registration and program fees are to be made by credit card only.

All sessions must be paid in full at the time of registration. No prorating will be offered.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the credit card on our records for payments is valid, otherwise a $25 processing fee will be charged. The credit card information can be updated by the member at any time.

Payment for other fees such as test day fees can be made by cash or cheque. A $25 processing fees will be charged for any NSF cheque.

Refund and Credit Policy

Up to five days before sessions commence: Refund consists of repayment of session fee(s) plus Skate Canada fee ($36, if paid for MFSC Cutting Edge) less withdrawal fee ($25). Refunds will be issued by cheque or on the credit card the fees were paid. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Four days before sessions commence or later: No refunds. Credit will be given for prorated session fees less withdrawal fee ($25). Prorated sessions fees will be calculated from the date of the written notice. No credit will be given for Skate Canada fee ($36). Credit will not be given for missed classes.

Credits will be posted to the skater's account and may be used for any family member residing at the same physical address within one year of the issue date of the credit.


Discounts are not available.

Family discounts are not available.

Prorating of session fees is not available.

Registration for MFSC Cutting Edge Summer Program

Registration for the MFSC Cutting Edge Summer Program is based on a weekly registration format. There is no partial week/days registration available for this program. The weekly session registration fee must be paid in full before the skater can join the sessions scheduled for the week. A $15 change session fee will be applied if a member wishes to change registration from one week to another. Members can register for one week, two weeks, three weeks or all four weeks and pay the respective fees for each week they have registered.

Requests to change registration from one week to another must be emailed to the MFSC Cutting Edge at

Guest Skating

Guest skating is allowed for MFSC Cutting Edge Summer Skating School, for on-ice session(s) only. Any valid guest skating tickets issued by MFSC can be used for MFSC Cutting Edge Summer Skating School.  Guest skate tickets can be purchased on the MFSC website in books of 5 or 10 tickets. The Guest Skating fee is $25 per on-ice session, payable in cash or cheque prior to stepping on the ice. Guest skating includes group lessons when available.

Missed lessons

A skater cannot attend a different session on a different day / at different time to make up for a missed session.

No refunds / credits will be issued for missed lessons.

Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up

Early drop-offs and late pick-ups are included in the MFSC Cutting Edge program offered in July 2017, with the exception of the Test day scheduled for Friday July 28th. No early drop-offs or late pick-ups are offered on this day.

Early drop-off starts at 7:30 am. Late Pick-up ends at 6:00 pm.

Parent wishing to take advantage of this service must drop off their skater at 7:30 am or later. Any early drop-offs prior to 7:30 am are discouraged as they will not be attended to by MFSC coach.  

Parents must pick up their skaters by 6:00 pm sharp. Any late pick-ups post 6:00 pm will be charged at $1.00 per minute and to be paid directly to the attending coach.


Members who wish to try Skate Canada tests at MFSC must be members in good standing and registered for at least one week with MFSC Cutting Edge Skating School. Note that the test day is tentative and may be cancelled if insufficient test requests are received by MFSC Cutting Edge Skating School.

Tests are evaluated by Skate Canada certified evaluators. Test days are scheduled based on the guidelines published by Skate Canada. Since each evaluator works at his / her own pace, please arrive 30 minutes before first scheduled test as the time may change by up to 30 minutes.

Any date changes and / or additions to the dates listed will be posted on the club website. It is the responsibility of the coach, skater and / or parent to check the website for the date(s) and time(s) of the test(s). Please double check with your coach that you are in for the correct tests as no changes can be made to the list of skaters taking tests within two weeks of the test day.

Test fees are due before the test is skated and must include Skate Canada test fee of $12.00 per test together with an administration fee of $12.00 which is used for Test Day expenses. The fees must be paid upon arrival by cash or cheque. A skater failing to show up on Test Day will be charged as if the test was taken and will be listed as a "Retry".

Private Coaching

Private lessons for all sessions may be arranged by contacting any MFSC club coaches. Non-MFSC club coaches must be fully registered with Skate Canada and provide proof upon request. They may only be on the ice for the duration of their skater’s lesson only.


CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all PreJuniors up to and including CanSkate Level 5. 

Ice Changes

MFSC Cutting Edge reserves the right to:

  • Change rinks and times of sessions if necessary.
  • Cancel a session due insufficient enrollment.
  • Limit number of skaters on each session.
  • Cancel skating if the arena is closed that day.
  • Cancel a skating session. Skaters on that session will be given a credit on their MFSC account valid for one year from the date of issue for registration for the MFSC regular season.


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