Guest Skating

Guest Skating on a session for which you are not registered is available to StarSkate level skaters (i.e. Junior A & higher). The rules and fees are outlined below:

  • Guest skaters must qualify for the session on which they wish to skate; e.g. skaters at the Junior A level are not qualified to skate on Open sessions.

  • Guest skate tickets can be purchased in advance.

  • Skaters are limited to a maximum of 20 guest skate tickets per season.

  • Tickets are not transferrable.
  • Before getting on the ice, guest skaters must present their ticket to the Coaching Representative or purchase a ticket.

  • Non-club members must provide proof of current Skate Canada registration.

  • We reserve the right to limit number of skaters on a session.

  • Guest skate tickets are valid until the date shown on the ticket.

2016-17 guest skate fees are:

  • $25 per ticket (1 session) for Regular, Associate, Guest and non-club members.

  • Regular and Associate members can purchase a book of five tickets online for $115 or a book of ten tickets for $220. Please allow 10 days for processing.




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