2017-18 Calendar of Events


Sept. 09 (Sat)

MFSC Annual Open House

Sept. 09 (Sat)

PA Training

Sept. 09 (Sat)

STARSkate Sessions Start

Sep 11 to 16

Fall Special Location and Time Schedule 

Sept 16 (Sat)

CanSkate Fall Sessions Start



Oct. 3 (Tue)

Fall CanSkate Final Installment Payment Due

Oct. 7 (Sat)

All Sessions at Tomken Arena, Rink 1

Oct. 9 (Mon)

No Skating; Happy Thanksgiving

Oct. 15 (Sat)

STARSkate Installment Payment Due

Oct. 17 (Tue)

Discounts end for CanSkate Registrations

Oct. 20-21

Exception Day; No Ice



Nov. 1 (Wed)

STARSkate Test Day


Nov. 11 (Sat)

Exception Day; No Ice



Dec. 2 (Sat)

Exception Day; No Ice

Dec. 10 (Sun)

Canada 150 Free Family Skate

Dec. 15 (Fri)

StarSkate Installment Payment Due

MFSC Holiday Gala

Dec. 23 (Sat)

Canskate Fall session ends

Dec. 23 (Thu)

Winter CanSkate First Installment Payment Due

Dec. 24-Jan. 1

Happy Holidays; No Skating



Jan. 2 (Tue)

CanSkate Winter Session Starts

Jan 23 (Tue)

Winter CanSkate Final Installment Payment Due



Feb 15 (Thu)

STARSkate Final Installment Payment Due

Feb 16 (Fri)

STARSkate Test Day



Mar 07 (Thu)

 Canskate Spring registration open

Mar. 10 (Sat)

Canskate Winter session ends

Mar. 12-Mar.17

Spring Holiday Location and Time Schedule 

Mar. 14 (Wed)

Exception day; No Ice

Mar. 20 (Tues)

CanSkate Spring Session Starts

Mar. 30 (Fri)

Good Friday; No Skating



April 5, 6, and 7

 Exception day. No ice!

Apr 10 (Tue)

Spring CanSkate Final Installment Payment Due

Apr 30 (Mon)

STARSkate Test Day



May 12 (Sat)

 LCBO Tag Day (Fundraising Activity)

 May 21 (Mon)

 Victoria Day; No Skating 




Jun 09 (Sun)

MFSC Ice Gala

Jun 16 (Sat)

StarSkate Test Day

CanSkate and StarSkate Sessions End



The Logistics Factory

Tommy Transport Services