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About StarSkate

STARSKATE is Skate Canada’s program which offers skaters of all ages the opportunity to develop fundamental figure skating skills, such as stroking, spinning, jumping and ice dancing. The STARSkate program consists of figure skating skills in four areas – Skating Skills, Ice Dance, Free Skate and Interpretive. Please refer to our STARSkate Information Sheet for more details about the STARSkate program.


At MFSC, three levels of STARSKATE are offered to children and teenagers – Junior, Intermediate and Senior. We also offer Adult Starskate for skaters 18 and older. Skaters progress through the levels based on their successful completion of the various levels of Skate Canada’s nationally standardized assessment system.

Mississauga Figure Skating Club MFSC


JUNIOR STARSKATE is a program for those skaters that have completed Canskate and are ready to persue figure skating.  Skaters receive a total of 45min of group lesson instruction conducted by our Skate Canada certified coaches.  15min at the beginning of the session is designated for a full group warm up, and then skaters receive 30min of smaller group instruction focusing on specific skating skills in the disciplines of skills, dance, freeskate and synchro. Private lessons are strongly encouraged at this level with one of our coaches on staff.  For more information on coaching please visit our coaches page or discuss with the starskate director.


Minimum qualification: Completed Canskate Stage 6


Note: For the Junior Starskate program, the club requires that there be an Adult, who is responsible for the skater, present in the arena at all times during the skater’s session.

It is mandatory for skaters in the Junior program to skate 2 sessions per week in order to continuously improve their figure skating abilities.


INTERMEDIATE STARSKATE continues to progress the skater towards skating independence and private coaching.  Intermediate sessions include a 15 minute group lesson with a coach. The balance of the session time is utilized through a private lesson with their coach and working on their skills independently. Skaters must have a private coach at this level.


Minimum qualification: Passed any STAR 3 Assessment.


SENIOR STARSKATE requires skaters to practice their skills and routines independently, with the exception of the time spent in private lesson(s) with their coach(s). A 15min group lesson is offered on all sessions conducted by a coach.


Minimum qualification: Passed STAR 5  Skills and Star 4 Freeskate Elements and Star 4 Program or STAR 5 Skills and STAR 5A Dance and STAR 5B Dance.


Schedule & Fees
StarSkate Registration Steps

StarSkate Registration Steps


Please review the information on this page before registering for our programs.


  1. Review  the StarSkate Membership Policies 2020-2021  for important information including our volunteering requirements, payment and refund/credit policies.
  2. Determine whether you are registering as a Regular (MFSC is your home club), Associate (Home club is not MFSC and you are skating at least twice per week with MFSC) or Guest (Home club is not MFSC and you are skating only once per week with MFSC) Member. For a Sustaining or Partnering membership, please contact the registrar at registrar@mississaugsfsc.com
  3. Review the Starskate schedule & fees 2020-21 to determine which sessions you wish to register for.
  4. Contact your private coach to ensure their availability on your desired sessions.  A “change session fee” will apply if you have to change your session after you have registered.
  5. Click Registration at top right corner of the website.
  6. For new members: Create your membership account. Enter your information as “member” and your skater’s information as “participant” once only (check list that appears at bottom of screen). Add yourself as “participant” only if you wish to register for Adult Canskate.  The Club communicates with members exclusively by email.  It is important that we have your current email address and that you have allowed for all email communications from the club when setting up your account in order to receive our important messages regarding instalment payments, events, session information and cancellations.
  7. For returning members: Log into your account. Review your membership information including email address, and update if necessary. Add any new “participant” once only (check list that appears at bottom of screen) Add yourself as “participant” only if you wish to register for Adult Canskate.  The Club communicates with members exclusively by email.  It is important that we have your current email address and that you have allowed for all email communications from the club when setting up your account in order to receive our important messages regarding installment payments, events, session information and cancellations.
  8. Find a session you wish to register for and click the REGISTER button beside it.
  9. Select the participant you wish to register in the session. You will then see:
    Step 1 Registration Review window. The session chosen will be listed under Registrations. If this is the first session chosen for the participant, you will also see the Skate Canada fee and Club Membership fee. If you have any credits or discounts, they will also be included.
  10. In consideration of our members safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MFSC has substituted the Bingo and Volunteer Requirements for the 2020-2021 season with a reduced buyout of $150.00. In addition, MFSC is participating in the Skate Ontario Promotional Contest.  Each skater will receive a booklet of 20 raffle tickets valued at $40.00 that they may sell or keep.  The $40.00 will be charged at the time of registration.  If the skater sells all of their tickets the $40.00 goes back to the skater.  A draw will be held in June 2021. Grand prize is a 2021 Nissan Kicks. These funds help to subsidize ice and program costs.
  12. To register for another program for the same skater, click REGISTER FOR MORE PROGRAMS:
  13. If your contact address is not in Mississauga, add the $60 non-resident fee under “Purchase Other Items”. This is payable for each skater you are registering.
  14. When you have added all sessions for the skater, review your Shopping Cart, which appears at the top of the screen.
  15. When you are ready to continue, click CONFIRM & REGISTER. This takes you to:
    Step 2. Contact/Billing Information. Verify your information and enter a billing address if it is different from your Contact Information. The Contact should be the parent/guardian is the participant is under 18. Click on the 2020-2021 StarSkate Registration waiver to open it. Read the waiver, accept it, and the waiver will close. The acceptance box will be automatically checked off. You will have to repeat this for MFSC Covid Policies & Procedures, COVID-19 Assumption Risk Waiver, Rowans Law Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement, Rowans Law Athlete Acknowledgement.
    Step 3. Payment information. Payment is by credit card only. You can choose to either pay the full amount immediately or in installments. A Tax receipt will be ready to download in early 2021 by the person who paid for the registration.  A notification will be sent out when Tax receipts are available.
    Step 4. Registration Receipt. You will now see your Registration Receipt. It contains your registration and payment details including your payment due dates. A copy of this receipt will be emailed to you.
    Note: If your contact address is not in Mississauga, and you have not included the non-resident fee ($60 per Starskate member) during registration, it will be manually added to your invoice by our Registrar after you have finished the on-line registration process. The revised invoice will be emailed to you.


Repeat steps 6 – 15 for the other StarSkaters in your family.

Payment Information



If paying by installments, charges to your credit card will be made automatically on the payment due dates:


  • Club Administration fee, Skate Canada fee, bingo fees (if applicable) plus 25% of session fees at time of registration.
  • 25% of session fees on November 15, 2020
  • 25% of session fees on January 15, 2021
  • 25% of session fees on March 15, 2021