About Us


A Skate Canada Member Club


  • Savita Rathore

    • President

  • Desiree Ashton

    • Vice-President

  • Bing Sun

    • Treasurer.

  • Kavitha Senthil

    • Secretary/Registrar

  • Johanne Doucet

    • Past President

  • Debbie Gow

    • Assessment Co-Ordinator

  • Patricia Cafaero

    • Event Chair

  • Madhu Vajpey

    • Digital and Web.

  • Abeer Ramadan

    • Marketing Chair

  • Vivian Tapas

    • Volunteer Chair

  • Ravinder Rathore

    • Bingo Chair

  • Aryana Shanab

    • Coaches Representative


The Club operates from two arenas: Tomken Twin Arena and Iceland Arena.

Tomken Twin Rink Arena
4495 Tomken Rd
Mississauga, ON
Iceland Arena
705 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, ON


Leanne Pilon MFSC Coach

Leanne Pilon

MFSC TECHNICAL & CANSKATE DIRECTOR Skate Canada Certified National & Canskate Coach
Aryana Shanab MFSC Coach

Aryana Shanab

MFSC STARSKATE DIRECTOR Skate Canada Certified Provincial & Canskate Coach
Kendra Paguaga MFSC Coach

Kendra Paguaga

MFSC SYNCHRO DIRECTOR Skate Canada Certified Regional & Canskate Coach
Annette Roy MFSC Coach

Annette Roy

Skate Canada Certified Provincial & Canskate Coach
Rose Silvaroli MFSC Coach

Rose Silvaroli

Skate Canada Certified Provincial & Canskate Coach
Judy 5

Judy Sung

Skate Canada Certified Provinicial Coach & Trained National Coach
Natalie Rebernik MFSC Coach

Natalie Rebernik

Skate Canada Trained CanSkate Coach, In Training Regional Coach
Nina Sartor MFSC Coach

Nina Sartor

Skate Canada In-Training CanSkate Coach
Vanessa Bairos MFSC Coach

Vanessa Bairos

Skate Canada Certified CanSkate Coach & In Training Regional Coach
Rachelle Au MFSC Coach

Rachelle Au

Skate Canada Trained CanSkate Coach
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Thalia Stybak

Skate Canada In Training Canskate Coach
Kaya (2)

Kaya Stasiewicz

Skate Canada In-Training CanSkate Coach


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