Youth Synchro

Mississauga Figure Skating Club MFSC

As Individuals We’re Strong, Together We’re Unstoppable

We are looking for skaters who have passed CanSkate Stage 4 or higher and are under the age of fifteen. The team will practice once a week on Friday nights that will consist of 30 minutes off-ice and an hour on the ice. We will participate in one ice show and two competitions over the course of the season entering at the Elementary category. Skaters who want to participate in the youth synchro program must be enrolled in a minimum of one other session with MFSC. We are also open to skaters from other clubs who are interested in skating on the team!

The program fee will include:

  • On-ice practice
  • Off-ice training
  • Coaching fees
  • Competition fees
  • Competition dress
  • Tights

The program is affordable!

  • Fundraising options could become available if there is interest
  • A minimum of twelve skaters are needed to run the program

Synchro is a great opportunity to make new friends, develop effective leadership and team skills, and excel in a different discipline of figure skating.


Join us on Saturday, September 8th for our open house from 11-11:30am to give Synchro a try!

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