New for 2016-2017!  One time registration for the full year from September to June.


This Program is offered at MFSC for the first time during the 2016-2017 season and includes the following:

  • 30 minute Group Warm-up off-ice (jointly with the Junior StarSkate level skaters).
  • 30 minute Group Lesson conducted by MFSC Coach.
  • 30 minute individual practice.  During this time the skaters will practice the skills that they were shown during the Group Lessons.
  • 15 minute Stroking Lesson conducted by MFSC Coach (jointly with Junior StarSkate level skaters).


Other relevant components of this pilot program:

  • Skaters progress at their own rate.
  • Skaters move to next stage upon completion of previous stage.
  • There is 90% movement on ice during sessions.
  • We use music, teaching aids and a wide variety of activities to make learning fun.
  • Give badges as the skaters are moving through the stages.
  • Give regular progress reports and report cards to parents / guardians.
  • Parents can arrange for private coaching during the individual practice portion of the session.


Qualifications for Pre-Junior Program

Minimum qualifications for this Skating Program are as follows:




Pre-Junior Level

Passed Stage 4 CanSkate or

Evaluated as having sufficient skills to pass Stage 4 CanSkate


Moving levels

A skater enrolled in this program will be able to move up to Junior A level in the Winter if they pass the Stage 6 Canskate.



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